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A manufacturer of rocking chairs from the Ivanovo region began working in India, Germany and Spain. The company adapted to the foreign market, strengthened the team, and its products caught interest of foreign partners.

Glider has been operating on the market for over 15 years. Over the years, the company has accumulated vast experience in the manufacture of armchairs and has chosen the best – pendulous mechanisms. The mechanism itself is not new, but in the manufacture of chairs gives a whole new level of comfort.

Glider is hard to compete with. In the Russian market, Glider occupies over 50% of the rocking chair segment. Today this product is unique. In the "glider" segment, the company has virtually no competitors in the foreign market, therefore, there is a great potential in the development and promotion of the product.

The product range includes about 100 types of products: ordinary armchairs, gliders (with a pendulous mechanism) and classic rocking chairs.

"Our production is the coordinated work of an experienced team of professionals. The owner of the company, Aleksey Gradusov, personally takes an active part in the development of furniture models. The company also works with professional designers, including Frenchman Stefan Palacotto. Developing designs and builds, choosing practical upholstery of fashionable popular colors, our experts think through every detail. In the production of Glider chairs we use modern equipment. Machinery work is alternated with manual sewing and assembly, Ignat Isayenko", Director of the Glider Export Department says.

All processes at the factory are automated to the maximum extent possible. In recent years, the company has relied specifically on the modernization and automation of production. The workshops of the factory are modern equipment, good lighting, highly qualified motivated personnel and high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials. The frame is made of natural wood, European fabrics are used for upholstery, including those with Easy Clean technology.

Glider is currently setting up closed-loop production. None of the processes are outsourced, so you can track the quality of every item.

Now a new stage begins in the history of Glider: the development of foreign markets. The company first tried to participate in a foreign exhibition three years ago. It was an exhibition Imm Cologne (Cologne). Today, concurrently with participation in exhibitions, the company is independently looking for partners in Europe.

"As in Russia, we are looking for partners in each country, and are aimed at a long-term relationship. Our main efforts are aimed at reaching the company we are interested in, making an appointment and bringing an armchair there", Ignat Isayenko says.

The European market is quite complex, it has many barriers to protect its manufacturer and buyer. In particular, to work in Germany, an FSC certificate is required, confirming the environmental safety of products, the absence of harm to the environment. Now the company is obtaining it. There are first successes: an annual contract has been signed with a partner in Germany, the own warehouse of the company has been opened there, which should become a springboard for conquering the market.

The company had to adapt products to foreign markets: new product ranges appeared, new fabrics and upholstery colors were selected.

"Europe is a trendsetter in furniture fashion. There are forming trends for the coming years. Nowadays popular colors are pale pink, pale blue, gray (classic for Germany), shades of yellow. We introduced them into our range. Company's advantage is its flexible production, which can be quickly adapted to market trends. Our technologists are doing everything necessary to increase sales, Ignat Isayenko", Director of Glider Export Department says.

The company relies on marketing. For example, a product range for parents appeared in the product family. These are chairs convenient for rocking babies. There is always a demand for such products. In September 2019 the company's specialists participated in the MOW furniture exhibition in Germany (Bad Salzuflen), then they visited the Netherlands and Belgium. In fact, now they have to enter the market in the middle of furniture sales season: in Europe it is the same as in Russia.